Buffalo Grass – Australia’s Best Turf Solution

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Someone once said the grass is greener on the other side. True. But it’s even more so with Buffalo Review’s range of turf solutions.

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Grass that’s more hardy than you’d expect

Growing increasingly popular over the last number of years, this grass option has become the go-to for property owners who are looking for a way to complement their existing space, and provide a lush surface. If you’re looking for the best turf for your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane home (or other location across Australia) that’s able to withstand harsh conditions, or little amounts of sun, buffalo grass is suited to both circumstances.

It’s important to note, however, that some types of this grass are more shade tolerant than others, so it’s worth checking with our team to make sure you’re choosing the most appropriate option for you.

A versatile look for the picky homeowner

If you’re proud of the space you’ve got and are really just looking to put the cherry on top, it’s understandable that you’re going to be careful about choosing the best buffalo grass. It’s usually for this reason that home and business owners opt for the wide leaves that this turf has on offer, allowing for a more blanketed, opulent look. Better yet, we have a number of styles to choose from, with various colours and styles available for across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across Australia.

Not one to be thirsty

With Australia’s fluctuating weather conditions, it’s necessary to find buffalo grass that can handle warmer, drier climates. Matilda Turf has one of the best tolerances to this factor, scoring high on the Dept of Primary Industries QLD. Our website contains a number of helpful resources that outline the experiments we’ve taken to give you an insight into the specifications of each choice available.

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