Disease Resistance Test

How disease resistant are the different types of Buffalo Grass and Turf? Matilda Turf proves to be the most tolerant to disease.

Disease Resistance

Grey leaf spot caused by Pyricularia grisea affects some varieties more than others (Atilano and Busey, 1983), and is particularly prevalent during warm moist humid weather conducive to disease development. A number of other known root disease complexes were also encountered on buffalo grass in various project activities including at regional sites during 2007. Samples of these were examined by Dr Percy Wong (Camden, NSW) who was able to identify some of the causal organisms.

Effects of Gaeumannomyces wongoonoo on buffalo grass pots to be used for the shade trial at Redlands Research Station, showing apparent cultivar differences in disease tolerance arranged in approximate order of decreasing disease severity from (a) to (j) (May 2007).

Matilda Turf
a) Matilda Turf
Sir Walter Turf
b) Sir Walter Turf
Kings Pride Turf
c) Kings Pride Turf
Shademaster Turf
d) Shademaster Turf
Sapphire Turf
e) Sapphire Turf
ST 85 Turf
f) ST85 Turf